Friday, January 6, 2012

chemo day – oxali #7, avastin #4, continuity of care round 4

Well, we had the usual follow up appointment with the oncologist and I explained that I was awaiting a call from Blue Shield about our request for Continuity of Care. His whole office is aware of this nightmare as it has affected over 70,000 subscribers in a 10 mile radius. The office is void of patients so it’s not just us. He says let’s just get it done and worry about it later. Easy for him to say since he won’t be the recipient of a five figure bill but I just tell myself you can’t get blood from a stone.
Once we wrap up with him, we shuffle off across the hall to the infusion center. They do the usual vitals, pre-meds then Avastin. I take a quick break and run downstairs and lo and behold there is a voicemail on my mobile from Blue Shield.  The message stated that we could proceed with his appointment and his chemo. Just 3 hours too late but nonetheless, I have it on record that they have said that he can have treatment and that the Continuity of Care is in process. I’ll live with that but I won’t give up the calls until I get the magic golden ticket that says we are fully approved.

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