Friday, February 24, 2012

scanxiety again

Thanks to all of the nightmares with our health insurance and the Continuity of Care and an inept medical office, Paul is finally undergoing his second PET CT scan to see what's going on in that body of his. This was supposed to be done just after the holidays, but the oncologist's office dropped the ball and never put in the order, then add the Continuity of Care debacle and of course, the COBRA debacle, it's been a tedious time of waiting for the day when we can finally get a prognosis report of what is actually going on. Sure, the continuing drop in CEA levels is a good indicator but they are by no means definitive. And since he has chemo in two weeks, it's perfect timing so that if the scan shows anything untoward, we can have his chemo adjusted.

Instead of going to our usual Santa Monica UCLA scanning clinic, we are sent to Tower Saint John Imaging Center. It's a much posher imaging center. The waiting room is bright and airy despite no wifi. Paul said the room he was put in to drink his contrast was like being in a spa. So all good.

He finishes up. We check to see if the local pub is open so we can have a quick English breakfast but it's not. So I take him home and head back to work. We should have the comparison reports with any luck on Monday if not some time next week. The waiting is the worst part of it all but it is what is and you just try to forget that you are awaiting some major answers. Here's to hopefully another report that shows some more major shrinkage.

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