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Here's a rundown of the items that we will be auctioning off on Saturday. As I have said before, if you are interested in something and aren't in LA on Saturday, you can still have a chance of bidding and possibly winning an item. You just need to email me your highest bid at before Saturday, July 28th at 12:00pm PST and if it's the highest bid amount, you win and we will close the deal via PayPal.

For those of you coming to the event, we will be accepting cash, checks and I will have my laptop with me so that you can pay securely via credit card on PayPal. Yup, I'm making it that easy for all of you.
So peruse our amazing items and get ready to pick up something that you fancy. 

2 night stay at the Casa del Mar, Santa Monica

Enjoy a two night stay at the luxurious Hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica, California. This beachfront boutique resort includes an outdoor heated pool. spa, sushi bar and all the usual amenities one would expect from a renowned five star resort. Manservant not included. Starting bid $500 and there will be a reserve on this high priced item.

$200 Gift Certificate to Burke Williams Spa

With an incredible array of massages, skincare treatments, spa benefits, nail care sessions and even chiropractic services to choose from Burke Williams Spa is your own stop shop. Get stretched, rubbed, scrubbed down or cracked in an entirely legal way! Go on, pamper yourself, you deserve it! Starting bid $75.

$500 Gift Certificate from Fred Segal Salon in Santa Monica for a Cut, Color and Treatment
Your hair will make the A+list even if the rest of you is strictly two-bob. You are almost guaranteed a star sighting during your visit to Fred Segal Salon. Their client list is like a who's who of Hollywood. Starting bid $150.

$500 Gift Certificate from Celebrity Makeup Artist, Adrian Villa for a 2 Person Makeup Application

Do you have a special event coming up where you want to look flawless and amazing? Treat yourself and a friend to an amazing makeover with celebrity makeup artist, Adrian Villa. For over 13 years, Adrian has worked in film and fashion and encompasses styles from avant-garde to special FX and body paint. He will make you feel like the queens of the ball. Starting bid $150.

16GB Apple iPad 2 with WiFi

Who doesn't want an iPad2? It does everything but fold your laundry for you, though we are sure that there is an app looming on the horizon that will make that a reality. Come on, join the 21st century. Starting bid $200.

$140 Gift Certificate for One Month of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes at Gracie Barra, Culver City
Give the gift of a swift kick to the crotch with a month's worth of jiu-jitsu classes or indulge in the privilege yourself! Learn to grappple, choke and lay waste to intruders with ease. Classes for all ages and fun for the whole family at Gracie Barra. Starting bid $50. We have 4 of these fantastic gift certificates to auction off

L'Occitane Gift Box
This pampering gift box includes: Verbena Liquid Soap, Dry Skin Hand Cream and One Minute Hand Scrub. This French skincare line makes incredible products that are all natural and eco-friendly. So treat yourself to an at home mani-pedi. Starting bid $30.

$400 Gift Certificate for Dental Bleaching Trays from Jacques Kouyoumdjian, DDS
Get your Donny Osmond smile on with this ultimate LA accessory - a kit of truth teeth whitening wonderment! Starting bid $100.

$50 Gift Certificate for a Dinner for 2 at Nawab of India

What self-respecting Brit doesn't love their national dish of Chicken Tikka Masala. Take a mate or better yet treat your partner to a delicious taste of home. Starting bid $20.

$25 Gift Certificate for Sunday Roast Dinner for 2 at the Cock'n'Bull
In our humble opinion, one of the best Sunday roast dinners in all of Los Angeles. Who can resist roast lamb, Yorkshire puddings, roasties just like mum used to make and finish it off with a lovely rhubarb crumble doused in Bird's custard. Starting bid $10 (we have two of these to auction off)

British Hamper from The Tudor House
Feeling homesick? Want to experience the culinary joys of Great Britain. Snap up this fantastic gift basket, which includes: a porcelain tea cup, a tin of Heinz tomato soup, McVitties' Hobnobs, a Cadbury Crunchie, a box of Dark Chocolate Brazils, a Cadbury Milk Tray, a box of PG Tips and a jar of Chivers raspberry jam. Sadly, you'll be forced to enjoy all of this in the midst of Southern California's sun-soaked splendor... For a more authentic experience, close your eyes and imagine endless rain and gray skies, if you must. Staring bid $20.

1 Bottle of 2009 Gemstone Vineyard Estate Napa Valley Red Wine
Here's the fancy pants description: "The 2009 Red Wine is a gorgeous, fleshy offering laced with expressive dark red fruit, flowers, mint and licorice. It shows wonderful radiance and silkiness in a hugely approachable and flat-out delicious style. I especially like the pliancy and generosity of the finish" - Antonio Galloni - The Wine Advocate. But so long as it gets you good and pissed, who cares? Starting bid $25

1 Bottle of 2006 Heitz Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon
Yes, we could throw out more impressive terms like "slow moving tainted legs" or something about a "developing nose of blackberries, cocoa, black pepper, red cherries, oak and some bramble bush in the distance" but then you would suspect that we've already cracked it open, wouldn't you? Starting bid $25

6 Bottles of 2009 Firestone Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

From, "a wine that is ripe, elegant and quite complex. The nose is generous with cassis, plum, vanilla, dusty spice, cedar, tobacco, clove and toffee. The palate is lush, juicy and balanced with underlying tannins that add grip to the finish." Grip to the finish? You don't need to be a wine expert to think that sounds more than promising. Starting bid $40

6 Bottles of 2010 Firestone Vineyard Chardonnay

The Firestone Vineyard website promises "fruit aromas of ripe pear, Fuji apple and lemon custard, complemented by toasted oak, bread dough, vanilla and caramel." If you like to drink your dessert, this may be the plonk for you! Starting bid $40

6 Bottles of 2010 Firestone Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

Here Firestone Vineyard assures us of an "impressive intensity and concentration of flavor. Bright, elegant and nuanced with minerals, lemons, fig and a dash of grass." No, not THAT kind of grass, sorry. It's good but it's not THAT good. Starting bid $40.

6 Bottles of 2010 Foley Estates & Vineyard Pinot Noir

According to Wikipedia, master sommelier Madeline Triffon calles this Pinot Noir "Sex in a glass." You're bidding on SIX bottles of it. Go on - you perv! Starting bid $75.

Gift Basket from Dogeared Jewels & Gifts

You might have seen their cute jewelry on the FOX hit show New Girl. This fabulous gift basket includes an olive quartz Healing Gems necklace, a gold and rose gold dipped faceted Karma necklace, a gold, rose gold and sterling silver Past Present and Future necklace, and an eco-friendly oversized tote bag emblazoned with the reassurance: "Dip It In Chocolate - It'll Be Fine," which applies pretty much to everything, wouldn't you say? Starting bid $75

Unique Modern Necklace from eMBe Creations
This modern handcrafted necklace is a must-have for any metal-minded, iron-enamored madam or maiden. Starting bid $35

Leather Necklace with Sterling Silver Hoops Adorned with Semi-Precious Stones from eMBe Creations

This original sterling silver necklace accented with semi-precious stones will infuse any outfit with an extra dose of fashion forward fabulousness. Starting bid $50

Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal Earrings from eMBe Creations

Love up your lobes or hers for the gift-minded gents among you, with these handcrafted sterling silver and Swarovski crystal earrings. Starting bid $15.

Chanel Ladies' Sunglasses with Case

Per my friend Sara from Kitten Rescue, who so graciously donated these Chanel sunglasses, legend has it that Paris Hilton wore these for a few minutes at an event, and, of course, she looked hot in them. So why not pick these up for yourself and look like the star that you are. Starting bid $25

A Pair of Johnny Depp DVDs
If a dab of Depp will do ya, round out your DVD collection with Johnny's turns as a dude with deadly digits and a creep with a crane-load of kids and candy to unload, respectively. And who doesn't love Johnny? Starting bid $5.

A Collection of Music DVDs
Did you know that every time you buy a Stones, Lennon or X album or DVD, a Justin Bieber fan is smote by lightning? Well, we haven't proved this theory yet, but it's worth testing, surely. Buy this and strike a blow in honor of the REAL gods of rock. Starting bid $5.

A Collection British DVDs

Coltrane as Cracker - a forensic psychologist on the edge. Is there any other kind? Add to that some philandering Albert Finney in the fine flick, "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning," and you have got a double feature theme of fellows in a fine fix. Enjoy! Starting bid $5.

Autographed Van Halen Plaque with Certificate of Authenticity

Jump - go ahead and jump (jump!) on this autographed plaque that will be a welcome addition to any die hard Van Halen fan's collection. Starting bid $40.

Autographed NASCAR Flyers

If you are a speed freak with a penchant for watching things go around quickly in a circle - and your dog chasing his own tail isn't quite fast enough for your entertainment needs - then race towards ownership of this autographed NASCAR swag. Starting bid $10.

Neil Gaiman Autographed Yoshitaka Amano Framed Print

This Yoshitaka Amano print autographed by Neil Gaiman is a heavy cardstock reproduction of one of his images from Neil's "Sandman: The Dream Hunters" graphic novel. It was only available as a ComicCon exclusive, or as a pre-ordered package with the book. Neil signed this for my dear friend Trevor Valle at ComicCon the year it was released. Starting bid $50.

Neil Gaiman's Death Talks About Life Autographed Pamphlet

A fantastic addition to any Gaiman collection, this pamphlet was distributed throughout US schools to promote safe sex back in 1993. And it's autographed by Neil himself! Starting bid $10

Legend of the Green Flame Autographed by Neil Gaiman

Are you a Superman or Green Lantern fan? If you are, then snap up this Neil Gaiman autographed copy of this superb comic. It was a one-shot, published in 2000. The script was written in 1988, and was shelved until after Neil's success with Sandman in 1996. Starting bid $10.

2nd Printing of Neil Gaiman's Sandman the Tempest

This mint condition comic is the last in the series of Neil Gaiman's famous Sandman series. Who else could bring William Shakespeare to the comics arena. Starting bid $5.

Framed Signed Original Artwork from The Savage Sword of Conan by Michael Docherty
Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Marvel Comics history? Well, now is your chance. This is an original page of artwork from The Savage Sword of Conan, Volume 1  Issue #189 page 38 to be exact, signed by the artist Michael Docherty. We are also including a mint condition copy of the comic book. Starting bid $50 

Warcraft III Framed Promotional Posters

Calling all gamers! This is your chance to own a part of your favorite game. These framed promotional posters that were only given out to Blizzard employees, have been transferred to canvas using an acrylagraph process. Only a handful of people in the world have these, so why not be one of the lucky few? Starting bid $60

Limited Edition Zynga Tote Bag and Laptop Case

Be the envy of all 292 million Zynga players by buying these two never before available to the public bags. You can protect your laptop with this awesome laptop case and then house it in your Zynga tote bag. Think of all the Villes you can house all in one place. Starting bid $15.

Limited Edition Zynga T-Shirts

Nab some nerd chic with these shirts that celebrate some of Zynga's all-time top games! These are usually reserved for Zynga employees only so it's more than likely that you will be the only person in town who has one. You won't have to worry about showing up to a party wearing the same shirt as someone else. Starting bid $15.

10 $25 Zynga Game Cards
Your fast pass to online gaming glory is here - get 10, yes, 10 Zynga game cards good towards any Zynga game either on Facebook, or Zynga mobile. You can be the envy of your online neighbors when you can buy exclusive cash only items on such games as Farmville, Cityville, Empires & Allies, Zynga Poker or any other of Zynga's highly addictive games. Starting bid $50.

Limited Edition Farmville Plush Toys
After all of these years of cultivating your virtual farms with cute purple cows and fluffy white sheep, now is your chance to have those prized animals in your hand. This is the complete set of the limited edition Farmville plush toys that were only available at Best Buy last year. This time you don't have to press your luck and hope that you get the missing animal you wanted because this box includes the entire collection. Starting bid $10.

Collection of 5 Mint Condition Action Figures

BIFF! BAM!! KerPOW!! Looking for action? You've found it - albeit probably not the saucy kind you had in mind. As a consolation prize, take home this league of extraordinary action figures instead. All are in mint condition in their original packaging, which can rarely be said for life-sized humans nowadays. Set includes: Justice League of America - Martian Manhunter including collector display stand, Cy-Gor - Todd McFarlane's SPAWN Deluxe Edition Ultra-Action Figure, Marvel Comics X-Men X-Force 4th Edition includes an official Marvel Universe Trading Card, Marvel Comics Silver Surfer - Drax the Destroyer with Light Up Cosmix Skull Blaster and Marvel Comics 30th Anniversary series Silver Surfer with Cosmic Power Surfboard. Thanks to the amazing Matt Britton from the band SoCal Rocket Dynamics for donating these amazing collectibles. Starting bid $15.

Franklin Mint Heirloom Recommendation Amazing Fantasy Porcelain Plate with Easel

Serve up some Spidey goodness with this limited edition numbered porcelain plate. Display easel included. High tech security system to protect your coveted treasure from that notorious ring of Interpol's most wanted art thieves NOT included - but highly recommended. Starting bid $10

Scream Queens 5  Autographed 3-Chase Card Set

This three card set from 1995 is an extremely limited edition item. The holder is custom made to show both sides of the cards. It contains a nipple print from Julie Strain, a lip print from Debbie Rochon and a signature from Debbie D. Seriously, how many people can really say that they have a nipple print from anyone much less a Scream Queen! Starting bid $5

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