Never in our wildest dreams did we think that a little fundraiser that a couple of friends came up with would wind up getting advertised on radio stations in the UK or receive write-ups in online magazines but it has and we are speechless and hunbled to say the least.

Our frieds Bam and Share from Rock'n'Roll TV, who are video geniuses, put this together to help spread the word about our fundraiser. Paul likes to say that this was shot back when being chubby was fashionable in LA but then again he's always been a bit vain.

Kate Thompson, music journalist and fellow colorectal cancer fighter, wrote this amazing piece helping to spread the word about us. She's an amazing woman so check out her personal site as well.

Dave Renegade from The Gasoline Queens in London hosts a podcast on Camden Unsigned. Thanks to Andrew Cantwell's computer smarts, he was able to provide us a link to the clip plugging our site. We can't thank you enough gentlemen.

We also had a heartfelt shout out from Abram Keith on the legendary Pete Price Show that airs on Liverpool City 96.7. I am currently working on trying to upload these files so bear with me but they will be forthcoming.

As I keep saying, we are just stunned and extremely touched by all of the support from around the globe.

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