Ebay Auctions and Other Items You Can Bid On

A rockband is much like a family. Once you are a member, you are a member for life. It's been overwhelming to us how many former bandmates and various friends who have been so giving and putting up amazing pieces of memorabilia and gorgeous art on Ebay to help our cause.

So if you haven't already seen them all over Facebook, check them out now. A GIGANTIC thank you goes out to each and every one of you.

A one of a kind just like the man who created it.

Another one of a kind piece. If the necklace could talk, I can only imagine the stories it would tell. Check out Steve's guitar shop while you are at it.

If Bam isn't banging on the drums or directing Rock n Roll TV or concoting amazing raw food cuisine, he's handcrafting amazing gorgeous jewelry. His talents know no bounds.

A kind soul named Gary Pennick has decided to auction this original test pressing of the reworked version of the Dogs D'Amour's Graveyard of Empty Bottles. This is the only one that exists.

Check out this amazing piece of original artwork from Jo Dog. His paintings are gorgeous. I'm thinking that this auction doesn't also include Jo himself but you never know. He really is that nice of a guy.

Original Tyla Artwork

The amazing Andrew Cantwell has posted this piece of artwork with the following message:

Gutted tonight about the news about my friend in LA....Paul Hornby

i want all of family and friends if you can spare even £1 to my paypal address andrewc1971@blueyonder.co.uk to support this fundraiser

i will randomly pick 1 who donates
and send you this unique piece of Artwork by my hero Tyla, who Paul played drums with The Dogs D'amour

and will forward all monies raised to Cancer is a Cant

Cancer is a Cant