Friday, December 30, 2011

happy new year from blue shield

Just when I thought I had gotten through all of the nightmares with our health insurance, Blue Shield decided to give me a new challenge to contend with. It appears that UCLA and Blue Shield can’t come to an agreement about money. Shock, I know! So come January 1, Paul’s care at UCLA, which is one of the top ten cancer centers in the country, will no longer be covered at what is called an in-network rate. However, there is a thing called Continuity of Care which we can file for since his diagnosis falls into the realm of terminal cancer. I never thought a diagnosis like that would have its benefits but for once it might just work out in our favor.

The first major problem is that they sent us this letter with a whole day's notice before his coverage is useless. Thanks asses! And of course, their offices are closed thanks to the holidays so I'm scrambling to get this sorted. Add to it, that his next appointments with his oncologist and chemo are set for January 6 so I have to basically cause enough stink to get this done as soon as possible with only 3 business days to get it done. This is going to take every trick I can think of to pull it off. Wish me luck! Looks like 2012 will such just as much if not more than 2011.