Thursday, March 1, 2012

scanxiety nightmare part 1

I got a call yesterday from the imaging center. It appears that no one thought to inform either myself or the oncologist that they needed a copy of Paul's previous scans. So I get on the phone to the hospital to their records library to see what I need to do to get this done. Well it rings and rings and rings and rings. No voicemail, no answer, nothing. So I talk to my boss and let him know what's going on and that I will be in late the next morning because I need to swing by the hospital to get these DVDs.

Good thing I tried calling them on my way there. Finally someone answers and informs me that they need Paul to fill out a form to allow me access to pick up the DVDs. I get it filled out and as I am passing my best friend's work, I swing by and drop off the fax for her to send over so that it will be there by the time I find parking and find the location.

I get there and I'm told that they have received everything and are currently burning the discs. Far too easy. Keep in mind I didn't have Paul's social security number on me so I just made one up on the form and they never even checked it. Just goes to show you what I'm dealing with.

They hand me over the mystical DVD and I go to the car, pull out my laptop and in true MI5 style, I start uploading and copying the disc to my hard drive just in case I ever need to reference it. I, then, make my way to the oncologist's office and drop off the DVD to them because that was the instruction given by the imaging center. I'm still not sure why I couldn't just drop it off to them since the doctor already has access to the scans in his system but it is what it is.

I call the imaging center later that day to make sure that they have received it and they ensure me that they have and that the report should be forthcoming.

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