Wednesday, March 14, 2012

scanxiety nightmare part 5

This is just starting to become a joke. I called yet again to see if I can get the infamous comparison report. I figured after the oncologist's call to the imaging center that something would get done but, alas, that was me just trying to be positive, something I have not ever been very good at.

There is only one person in the records department who will even speak to me at this point. He informed me that the radiologist was to have this report done a few days ago. I corrected him and said, "don't you mean weeks ago?" He then informed me that the radiologist was running into problems doing the report because "it is complicated." I told him that I found it amazing that after now five weeks of waiting for this all important report, why can't the radiologist ask for help from her boss or another more qualified colleague. I mean if there was something I didn't know how to do in my job or was having problems with I would ask for help. It's not like we are dealing with a broken arm or a cold - he has STAGE 4 CANCER!!!!!!

I am seriously considering pitching a tent in the middle of their reception area and staging a protest until I get that damn report.

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