Monday, July 11, 2011

fast food, really!?!?!?!

Once a week we get to meet with the main radiation oncologist to check in and talk about side effects that Paul is having and how treatment is progressing. He's been having a really tough time with it. Nausea, extreme fatigue, dizzy spells, no appetite, one minute constipation, the next minute being tied to the toilet. Our usual doctor wasn't available to meet with us today so we ended up getting the head of the department. You would think that this would be a good thing. What transpired during this ten minute appointment had me wanting to go for his jugular. Paul has been losing a lot of weight lately so we brought that up to this quack. His answer, "You need to start eating junk food like fast food." We explained to him that we don't eat fast food at all and his reaction just floored us. He actually said that he felt sorry for us and that a pizza or a burger would be the best thing Paul could have right now. I brought up that we have cut back on sugar and are mainly eating whole foods like vegetables, sprouted whole grain breads, free range organic chicken (the surgeon had warned us that Paul should not consume beef as this could cause major problems with Timmy and his obstruction). This quack laughed at us. Paul just watched me trying not implode. We quickly got out of there and decided to not to listen to this loser and just drove in stunned silence then later joked about it. Just so you know most medical students are not taught about nutrition and, of course, nutritionists aren't covered by most health insurances, thus, you are pretty much on your own to figure it all out. Good times I tell you.

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