Sunday, July 17, 2011

i'm a farmer now

When you first get diagnosed with cancer, the first thing you do is think what did I do wrong. Sure, it could have been caused by excess such as rich foods or too much alcohol or it could be genetic or it could just be bad luck. Immediately you start to change your diet. Hell, I even started farming in my own way by planting and cultivating wheatgrass in our bathtub and patio. For a city like LA that is known for its hippy healthy lifestyle, you try finding trays of wheatgrass to buy that won't require you to take out a loan. It's impossible, trust me I searched. Whole Foods - nope, Sprouts - nope, Trader Joe's - nope, Erewhon - nope but eureka - our local Pavilions sells it. I seriously went on a quest to find this elusive plant. What I didn't know is that you need a special juicer for wheatgrass because it's so dense that it will break most juicers. And just like the search for the plant, the hunt for a proper wheatgrass juicer was just as gruelling. I finally found a manual one at of all places, Home Depot.

You might be asking what's so damn special about wheatgrass? Well, one ounce of wheatgrass juice is equal to eating 2.5 pounds of vegetables. You basically get almost all of your daily nutrional needs in one shot. But this one shot must be consumed within ten minutes of juicing or it's futile. And don't be fooled by those big trays that I grew, it takes about half of a tray to get one ounce worth of juice! I hear it's not the most pleasant tasting stuff in the world but hey, it can't hurt the boy to have his daily dose. Plus soaking the seeds, rinsing the seeds, planting the seeds in what is called a blanket and watching it sprout and transporting it to the sun to grow, is keeping me busy with a new hobby. Now I know how Eva Gabor felt in Green Acres.

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