Thursday, November 10, 2011

how's the barnett

When people ask me how Paul is doing, my usual response is, "Still alive and still a full head of hair." Hence, the most popular question that Paul has been asked since he was diagnosed with the "big c" is "How's the hair?" There are at least three people, who call, text or email every other week or so, to inquire about how his hair is doing. When you are an old rocker, the fact that you still have a full head of hair after years of dying, crimping, teasing, straightening and hairspray abuse, is paramount enough, thus, when he started on chemo, we were all worried, most of all, about his precious hair. It is bad enough that most of it is gray these days because he can't dye it due to the chemo, but to actually lose it all, that's a whole other kind of nightmare. Yes, we know that there are special dyes made for chemo patients but when you have already endured months of chemo and you still have all of your hair, the idea of taking a chance by dying it, is cause for much deliberation. And, yes, if it should ultimately all fall out once he starts the next lines of treatment, he's declared already that he will deal with it (not like he will have much of a choice anyways) but at least we will all know that it went because of chemo and not because he just went bald, like the rest of the men in his family. In the meantime, he can still proudly proclaim, "Thick on hair, thin on talent."

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