Sunday, September 4, 2011

our 20th shagiversary

Yup, 20 years today with the old codger. Where did the time go?

When I first found out about his diagnosis I made up my mind there and then that I would finally change my surname. It's been a bone of contention for years. I'm the last of my family name and although I have no real family to speak of, I was proud to let the name die out with me in a blaze of glory but it's always bugged Paul since we got married 14 years ago that I wouldn't become a Hornby. Hey, with the name, comes the streaks of bad luck so I was justified in avoiding it. But changing my name was the only thing that I could think of that only I could give him and honestly, it was a bit selfish on my part since I am figuring that it will make my life a bit easier when dealing with the health insurance company and the hospitals.
The actual name changing process wasn't that difficult. Headed down to Social Security where I thought I would be for hours and ended up being helped in less than 10 minutes. Then I headed over to the DMV where the wait was out the door but got my new horrible picture taken and my new license was on its way. I still have to do my passport, bank accounts and utility bills but those can all wait for right now.
It hasn't been easy keeping this secret from him but I did it. I got up early this morning and changed my name on Facebook and waited for him to wake up. Paul is a pain in the ass when he first wakes up so I had to wait a little bit until he was a little more semi-alert and then handed him my new social security card and said, "Look what I did." He didn't get it. So there was my moment thwarted. Oh well, all best intentions but secretly I know he was elated.

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